Youtube Marketing

Understand the phenomenon Youtube, for better, in turn, enjoy this great playground.

YouTube Marketing
Online videos and content strategy: the new storytelling

Who could have thought that YouTube would become the screen of a generation in just a few years? One-stop-shop for the under 35, Google’s subsidiary has become a global phenomenon.
Every minute, 400 hours of video are uploaded and over 8 billion views are recorded each day. The animated image is the new cultural syntax and YouTube its user’s manual. This media revolution changes the game for the brands, the media and organisations in all sizes and shapes. On the front line during the social revolutions of these last 10 years, President Obama’s preferred medium, YouTube is now a matter of power. This new century discovers YouTube just like the Sixties had invented TV.

How has this online video revolution started? What are the rules and what will its future hold? Those are questions that all professional in the field of media, communications, every citizen and Internet user is entitled to ask. YouTube and online videos are a massive trend that tell us a lot about our time.