We all have a digital reputation: the challenge has become to understand and manage it. E-Reputation gives the keys.

Online Influence Strategies

Internet has revolutionised how we communicate, and therefore influence. It now enables anyone to build new online identities. Reflections of our « offline » lives, these identities are like virtual business cards and become ever more important in our perception of the other, whether a politician, business about to go public, or even our next door neighbour…

Each year, the number of people using the network increases – and with it, the volume of available data. The accuracy of the search engine advances and new social services disrupt our habits. Before our eyes, Internet becomes a living and breathing encyclopaedia of the present, the immediate, compiling facts and reviews of the past and of the now. This common memory changes everything for society, businesses, science, but also for communication, which becomes a constant activity of publishing this collective digital memory, searching of the most favourable reflection.

Authors : Edouard Fillias, JIN CEO & Founder (see bio) / Alexandre Villeneuve, CPO & Founder (see bio)