We support the leadership of our clients in this new world. Being unique and truthful is essential for building trust and reputation.

Corporate Reputation

We develop the reputation of organizations in order to advance their development strategy and their mission in society to pursue sincerity.

Brand Marketing

More than ever, brands are the best vehicles of trust. We build communities to make brands visible, useful and attractive.


All our creative work is grounded in research on the brand, its environment and market trends. Research is carried out by our Strategy team, powered by our insights technology (Jervis) and data partners (Gnip, Moreover, Disqus, Wordpress, Instagram). We analyze the competitive environment, build customer personas, assess customer experience and communication, and identify trends and weak signals.


To boost creative and strategic thinking, we favor using creative and cooperative workshops. They combine the agency's key skills to work on clients’ issues (digital marketing, public relations, creative)


KPI culture is deeply rooted into JIN culture : we assess our actions and strategies, all along the way, whether it is about building leadership (corporate communications) or accelerating business (brand marketing). We want to deliver campaigns that significantly improve the business of our customers.


We are always bringing new ideas to our clients. From tactical “real-time” marketing posts to strategic opportunities, we keep our eyes and ears open.


The agency has a proven project management methodology on a local and international scale. We apply project management methodology to all our accounts in order to optimize the results and resources committed to them, to the benefit of our clients.

& Content
& Planning
Marketing &

To successfully build influence, analyzing the context is key. This information then becomes the foundation of the decision-making process.

Reputation & Influence

Reputation is vital to people and brands alike. It is the foundation of our ability to attract talented people and mobilize stakeholders.

Leaders and
C-level reputation

Leaders are now on the front line. The surge of real-time, transparent news has made these exemplary figures ambassadors for their companies.

Influencer marketing

Build your network of allies. Influencer management strategy is at the heart of new influence-building mechanisms. Convincing trend-setters helps win over the trust of their audiences.

B2B Marketing

B2B Marketing (or Inbound Marketing) starts from the perspective of an internet user who is in a state of information overload and looking for helpful, relevant content.

advocacy program

Employees, fans and communities of clients can be brought together to design and distribute content in order to share their efforts, successes and pride in belonging to the team.

International Social Media

For an international brand, successfully deploying an effective social media strategy that is aligned with the brand’s identity all over the world remains an important challenge.

Brand strategy
& storytelling

JIN helps brands and leaders design an original and compelling identity.

Digital strategy

JIN conceives and builds digital ecosystems in line with the objectives of the brand, organization and leadership.


JIN assists its clients with various types of communication training.

Ebook: Influencer Marketing

Ebook Influencer Marketing: How to (re)connect with your communities?

Ebook: Direct-to-consumer

Direct-to-consumer: The emotional and transactional shortcut to your consumers

Survey: The Impact of Technology during COVID-19

Growing adoption of technology exacerbates inequalities.

Covid-19 : What's next ?

Discover our main actions to put in place for adapting to the current context and for meeting the future “new standard”.

The digital event guide: making your online gathering a success.

How to remotely bring together your employees, customers, prospects and partners with digital tools.

C-Suite : Embrace a new kind of leadership

From positioning to content, building a network of allies to controlling your digital footprint, this white paper focuses on how to embody a new type of leadership.

International social media strategy

Find out how to create and implement successful global-local social media strategies.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has grown in popularity because, unlike interruptive advertisements, it offers brands a subtle way to connect with potential customers.

Employee Advocacy

For leaders, employee advocacy involves displaying one’s interest in and understanding of digital transformation.

Financial Communication in Digital Era

In this e-book, we present a few insights to help those who work in corporate financial communication tackle the issues they face in this changing field.

Inbound Marketing

Where does Inbound Marketing come from? What are the right tools? How can it help your brand build relationships of trust with its audience?


We all have a digital reputation: the challenge has become to understand and manage it. E-Reputation gives the keys.

Digital Trust Index 2017

JIN’s annual barometer of trust in digital uses, in partnership with Opinion Way and Jervis.

Youtube Marketing

Understand the phenomenon Youtube, for better, in turn, enjoy this great playground.

Digital Trust Index 2016

The internet plays an ever-increasing role in our lives. Yet many still don’t trust it. Discover the brand new Digital Trust Index.



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