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Job description

Throughout the year, we search for communication consultants to assist our French and international clients. Some other skills we look for: digital marketing, social media, public relations, public affairs, and editorial and content skills.


1/ Project Management
This person pilots customer relationships and the execution of projects, creates content, conducts reporting, etc. The consultant can intervene in design and production of all types of communication tools in the framework of our projects: ad campaigns, design of online media, piloting projects and audiences, etc. They coordinate JIN teams (design, marketing/performance, strategy & data, agency subsidiaries, etc.).

2/ Community Management & PR
They are in charge of image monitoring, community management, and daily interactions with the client. They perform public relations activities: press and key opinion leaders.

3/ Creating Content
This requires working closely with the client and JIN teams to design and write up arguments, content, messages, and one-time analyses based on one or more sets of information or monitoring statistics as well as analyzing audiences before sales and once a project has been launched.

4/ Business development for JIN
Finally, the consultant is required to support the company's various development projects depending on priorities. These projects may include launching innovative tech or service products, promoting communication, or networking.