Digital Trust Index


Digital Trust Index

Biannual research platform from Jin, powered by Plugr, reporting on trust levels for digital entities and verticals across the web.

Barometer, E-reputation, Trust, Social media

Our world is becoming more and more digital every day. With e-commerce, e-health and online dating services, the internet is central to most people’s lives. Does this mean that the web has gained the trust of its users? Not quite. Although more and more of us are using the internet, many still have reservations about it.
Let’s face the facts – our economic growth is closely tied to our digital activity. According to a study by BCG, the UK digital economy accounts for £180 billion in the country’s GDP, second only to the property sector. Another study by Tech City UK estimates that 1.46 million jobs are digital-based. But how is this to be sustained if this medium fails to earn the trust of its users?
Jin, a digital PR & influence agency, is launching the first biannual Digital Trust Index to understand and assess how users trust the internet.
The Digital Trust Index is a barometer of users’ perception of online shopping, news, social networking or job-seeking. The index was created in UK and France in partnership with Opinion Way and Plugr, Jin’s in-house solution to analyse digital conversations.
For its first edition, the study reveals a significant lack of trust in the internet, with a score of 48 out of 100, despite the fact that digital channels are still booming.


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